Alien Summer.

what fresh hell is this?


high school more like high’s cool hahaha 420 blaze it.


You know what the problem is with the “homophobes hugging gay people” video is it’s portraying homophobia as some harmless inconsequential thing that doesn’t bother gay people at all. straightness as an institution still REGULARLY kills people but yea lets make a cutesy video and act like this is not an issue. I’m sick of these soft useless gay politics


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Of dirt

"what happened to all of the brutally weeping stone statues
that circled you and called out your name
what happened to all of your diaries and journals
the ones where pretty monsters and handsome demons
pranced across pages and hide behind fonts
with vines and seeds planted at the end of every letter
that will no longer grow now that you’ve
stopped writing things down and
they have stopped meeting the sun

a tape recorder made from two still beating hearts
plays from its fleshy speakers the last good bye
you ever heard your father say
and all of the last words from every lover
that you have ever had
bulging veins pump blood against the repeat button
as it replays all of the desperate phone calls
and out of breath voice mails you’ve made at 12:30am
while simultaneously playing the sound of you
knocking on the unanswered doors of friends and family

past your garden singing white doves emerge
from the plots of planted dirt
carrying branches of oak trees in their feet
past the mountain creek that sways back and forth
down into the rolling hill side that meets
the fiery sunrise above
where black smog arises from your lips
and arises from the house your father lived in as a boy
that you have burned down in your sleep”


Bikini Kill - Nov. 16, 1991. photos by Brad Sigal.